ITAMA - the Design of Light : a brand of LIGHT4

Lorenzo Bertocco

Lorenzo Bertocco was born in Venice in 1969. After finishing his studies, he began to work in Murano for ALT glassworks, where he learned Murano glassmaking techniques.

In this context, he started to develop products in the objets d'art sector, mainly collaborating with the world of art and design and working alongside artists such as Fabrizio Plessi, Piero Dorazio and Eugenio Carmi.

In 2000, he became Product Manager for the FDV Group, designing many catalogue products. In 2007, as a partner of Light4, he took over the "Façon de Venise" brand for which he designs various collections.

He currently fills the role of Technical Director for all the Light4 brands: "Façon de Venise", Muranoluce, Vintage and Itama.